For this project, I worked with my team to develop a strategy for our campaign, big idea, and tactical executions. I was also responsible for the design of the deck. I also built out the different tactics with the other AD on the team.
Below are examples of OOH billboards
TikTok: We would create a sound on TikTok to allow creators to show how they are doing life "their way". This would encourage creativity and individuality on the app.
We created the My Way Meal starting at 9pm to encourage Gen Z to grab a late night bite at Burger King during or after a night out. This meal features the Impossible Whopper as a main entree and can be fully customizable to solve late night cravings.
We created a food truck concept and carefully chose specific locations for My Way pop-ups that will fit into our Gen Z target's lifestyle. This truck would serve options from our           My Way Meal.
Lyft: We selected Lyft as a potential partnership with Burger King to encourage users to make    Burger King a late night destination. 
How it works: Lyft would send users a notification at night for 40% off their ride when making Burger King a pickup destination. When the user opens the app, they would see Burger King pins on the map to locate their nearest Burger King. Then, they can head to the destination and make it a final stop before heading home. This would encourage users to stop in and try the My Way Meal.
Burger King Late Night Impossible Yoga: an unexpected combination. For this event, we hand selected influencers that appeal to our Gen Z consumer and these influencers would instruct yoga. It would be hosted at Burger King locations in major cities. The event would include photo opportunities, merchandise giveaways and opportunities to try the My Way Meal. We picture this to be a           major PR stunt.
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